Paper tubes from small to big diameters

The inner diameter of our products begins at 6 mm and ends at 628 mm.

We know the length from 15 mm to 6 500 mm.

The wall thickness of our products can be from 0.6 mm to 15 mm.

We can print different kinds of rolls. On your roll we can print date, size, company name and its logo, and inside and outside of the roll. Of course, only if you want.

We will prepare colored surface, knurled (embossed), hydrophobic, silicone barrier and even with a layer of PE or double sided tape.

We manufacture rolls with different strengths and different tolerances in the length, inner and outer diameter. Your roll can be punched or cut through : we simply deliver exactly what you want.

Our customers use paper tubes, rolls and cores for winding different types of materials e.g. paper, foil, textiles, carpets and many other flexible packaging materials. It is also used as a core during coiling plates, metal strips, wires, and also for the manufacture of coils and cable drums. Sometimes they are used for the fixation of goods transported or for decorative purposes.