Paper Can Packaging

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At present we can prepare for you paper cans of internal diameter 45 mm to 116 mm and length from 60 to 500 mm. Lids and bottoms are from plastic and metal. We know how to connect them; provide them with aluminium linings, aluminium seals, membranes with little tongues, dredgers.

On the surface of the paper cans we are able to fix the colour labels printed by graphic design. The label’s surface can be adjusted according to the customer’s choice, gloss or matt varnish. We also offer labels bearing the UV varnish, embossing and Braille characters.

Customers use paper cans primarily in the following areas:
• Food – for packing instant products (granulated bouillons, granulated coffee, coffee drinks, etc.), Spices and spice blends, salt, sweets, extruded foods, dried fruit, fried potatoes, cereal, etc.
• Luxurious gift wrapping – cosmetics, alcohol, clothing and more
• Glass industry – drinking glasses, vases, candlesticks and other
• Chemical industry for packing Small consumer needs – perfumes, fertilizers, cleaning and washing liquids, poisons for rodents and ants etc.
• Pharmacy – for packaging medicines, vitamins, granulated tea, diet drinks and the like.
• Husbandry – for packaging of foodstuffs for animals – fish, aquarium, terrarium animals, exotic birds, etc.
Other applications are only limited by your creativity …