We produce and deliver quality

Quality management is the basic requirement in our company. We have got sophisticated quality control involving all standards.

Starting from sophisticated purchasing as well as suppliers audits, the right storage and control of raw materials and materials that are needed for production, followed by releasing of the first piece of a new batch, standard regular production control, mechanical parameters measurement including radial strengths until expedition and delivery control. We check the opinion of our customers by both regular visits and satisfaction questionnaires. We take seriously each reminder. Each complaint is taken as a challenge. We try to find a solution to exceed customer expectations.   In case of an urgent matter we go immediately to our clients to solve problems directly in the field. Our specialists desire to solve challenges and help.

We have got an excellent R & D department as well as laboratories that enable us to sustainably improve our products. We have invested in new production lines in order to have a modern and effective production and consume less energy. We have launched Integrated Management System involving ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 Certificates as well as FSC® and BRC.

It is absolutely clear that Quality Management is our first priority. We consider also all environmental aspects. You can use our products also to cover/pack food products. All our paper rolls are 100% recyclable. Every client is very important for us. We take care of our customers, we prepare specific solutions for every client in order to help them to achieve better and better results.