In 1890 there were 260 people employed in the plant in Lanskroun. A new production hall as well as a maintenance hall and also impregnation and drying workshops were built at that time.

The company has specialised, as the only plant in Europe, in producing impregnated and varnish cores since 1906.

In 1929 a new boiler was built with a chimney stack that, with its height of 65 m, became a dominant landmark in Lanskroun.

In 1930 Mr. Theodor Pam, one of the 5 sons of Moritz Pam, patented Bakelite cover of reels with the Trade Mark „Paco“.

In the era of socialism in the Czech Republic, the so called nationalised company changed its name a few times. It was a part of different nationalised companies. During this period the company employed thousands of people in 6 different plant locations. However, the company headquarters has been located in Lanskroun since 1884.

In 1994, 5 years after the velvet revolution, the company was privatised and renamed ORlické PApírny (ORlické hory = Eagle Mountains, PApírny= Paper plant). This name had become the base of the company name ORPA created in 2002.

Since 2007, the company was renamed to its current name ORPA Papír a.s., shortly ORPA.

Today, the company ORPA has more than 15 production lines in 5 production halls in 2 production plants in Lanskroun near the Eagle Mountains and Hostacov near the Iron Mountains. There are about 120 employees working in both plants. The Headquarters and Sales Dept. are located in Lanskroun. The company has been producing since 1884, i.e. more than 135 years, in the same location, in Lanskroun, just a few minutes from the original headquarters and the first production hall.

It is absolutely clear that during the long history since 1884 a very strong know-how as well as good name and tradition have been created. The plant´s employees are pure professionals based on experience and knowledge passed down through generations. Even today, there are a lot of people, whose mother, father, grandmother or grandfather were employed with ORPA. They worked not only in the same company, but also, in a lot of cases, in the same working position. So, perfect knowledge and experience are the result of this heritage. The only difference is that parents were working with the older mechanical machinery in comparison to today’s new, modern, efficient and automatic production lines.